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These rare gamblers books have a special emphasis on cheating at gambling. They truly expose valuable gambling secrets. There is no better source or a more inclusive list of rarely printed books concerning advantage play, cheating and cheating devices. Learn about the gambling secrets from the old masters of the craft.

These gambling history books are most import works to ever be published on the topic. We have made them available to the public again through our process of scanning and "refurbishing" the font and formatting to better suit the modern reader.

Faro Exposed or the Gambler and his Prey Gambling Book


Faro Exposed. Published Date 1882. Very hard to find book on the game of Faro

Mason Long Converted Gambler Gambling Book


The Converted Gambler. Published in 1882. The life and times of a gambler who found Jesus

Don't Be A Sucker Gambling Book Mickey MacDougall


Don't be a Sucker. 1943. Great explanations on gaffed dice and other cheating gambling cheating methods

Poker Stories Gambling Book


Poker Stories. 1896. Gambling Stories told by statesman, Bankers, Millionaires and experts of the 19th century

The Card Sharper Detected and Exposed by Robert Houdin Poker stories


The Card Shaper Detected and Exposed. 1863. One of the first books to expose the equipment and methods of gambling cheats

Sharps and Flats Gambling Book


Sharps and Flats. Published in 1907. A definitive work on the methods & tools used to cheat at gambling

Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi Gambling Book


Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississipp 1892. The autobiography of a 19th century river boat gambler

Macdougall on pinochle learn to play pinochle


MacDougall on Pinochle. 1947. A "How To" on the game of Pinochle. As useful today as when it was first released.

Card cheats and how they operate by Floyd Moss gambling stories poker stories


Card Cheats and How They Operate. 1950. Descriptions and photos of palming, bending, dealing seconds and much more.

Easy Money Brolaski Gambling Book


Easy Money. 1918. Another reformed gambler, exposing all he knew about cheating at race tracks and casino games.


Vampires Exposed 1918. Ferreting out the woman grafters. Exposed women con artists of the early 19th century.

Gambling and Confidence Games Exposed Kid Canfield


Gambling and Confidence Games Exposed. 1903 Kid Canfield

Tricks and Traps Gambling Book


Tricks and Traps. More insights on the swindles of con men and women in an era gone by. 1906 Clifton Wooldridge

The Destruction of Mephisto's Web Gambling Book


The Destruction of Mephisto's Greatest How are Grafts Laid Bare by H. K. James 1914

Gambler's Tricks with Cards Gambling Book


Gamblers' Tricks with Cards Exposed 1868

A collection of explanations focusing on magic card tricks, card games and how 19th century gamblers cheated with cards and dice.

Gambling and Gambling Devices book


Gambling and Gambling Devices 1912

John P. Quinn's 370 page master piece explaining and illustrating devices used to cheat games of chance.

The sealed book of roulette and Trent-et-quarante Gambling book


The Sealed Book of Roulette and Trent-Et-Quarante 1924

"Billiken's" hard to find work on Roulette, La Boule, Baccarat and more games. He dives deep on betting systems

Poker Smoke and other things gambling book


Poker Smoke and Other Things 1907

A 100 year old "Man Cave" masterpiece. Learn to play and win at Poker while impressing your friends with your mixology skills


Card Mastery. Published in 1944. A Mickey MacDougall classic, featuring card manipulation

How Gamblers Win Gambling Book


How Gamblers Win Published in 1868. A complete expose in the manner of play at gambling games

A Grand Expose of the Science of Gambling


A Grand Expose of the Science of Gambling 1860. How to protect yourself from the gambling


Gamblers Don't Gamble. Published in 1939. A classic gambling game protection manual.

NOTE: All the titles listed for sale in this section are soft cover reproductions of original gambling books featuring newly designed covers and modernized fonts & formatting

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